Friday 9th December

Friday 9th December 2016

This week we have been doing some extremely hard work.

In IPEELL we have been planning and writing a recount on the donkey’s journey and it went pretty well for everyone. I bet Miss Murphy is going to be proud of us all.

Learner of the week is ……………ALEX for his presentation on his prayer so well done!

In maths no problem we have been doing multiples and factors. A factor is a number or quantity that when multiplied with another produces a given number or expression.

A multiple is a number that can be divided by another number without a remainder.

We have  completed firework by Katy Perry  in music with Mr Mercer. I wonder what we will be doing next?

In PE we had a cycle of handball, netball and football and it was one of our best P.Es in ages!

By Alex and Cian



 Thank you yet again boys!    

First of all, our class assembly was fantastic on Wednesday. Thank you to those who came and supported the children. It was a great celebration of our learning! Here is the video we created to celebrate our Macbeth journey!


This week we have focused on the story of Advent. We looked at the story from the perspective of the donkey and written a recount of their journey from Nazareth to Bethlehem in IPEELL. I can’t wait to read them!


In Maths, we discussed Prime numbers using our previous knowledge of factors and multiples to help. The children were great at this and are developing their confidence in Mathmatical vocabulary. Keep practising those times tables!


Taiya said her highlight of the week was, “being given the chance to write and re draft work to make it better and see my improvement!”

Malakhi said his highlight of the week was, “performing our class assembly because it was exciting and gave me a buzz!”


Domantas said his highlight of the week was, “Practising singing because it is fun and makes me excited for Christmas!”


Miss Murphy


Tis the season for the blog falalalalalalala!

This week was the start of  DECEMBER!! And we have done all sorts for advent hope you have enjoyed your chocolate.

We have had brilliant learning and in IPEELL, Miss Murphy has been very pleased with Amir, because of his resilience.

 And the learner of the week is … Aleah for improving in her confidence massively! 😀

In “Maths, no problem!”, we have all been learning about factors (numbers that divide by other numbers to give a whole number.)

On Wednesday, in PE we did orienteering because the muga was slippery so basically what it is, is you get into teams of 2 and you have 5 cones and you hide them and mark on a map and you find them.

HAPPY CHRISTMAS from the bloggers 😀


Thank you again for the blog.

Apologies for the lack of blogging. There has been some technical issues. We are now back to our weekly blog!

Good Afternoon and Happy Friday!

Another fantastic week in 5LM and we have been starting our Advent learning. We started off the week with quite a few children missing for cross country, Miss Wright has given me fantastic feedback about the children who went. Well done to them! We spent our Afternoon making an Advent wreath with Christmas messages and prayers on for us to read on each day of Advent. They produced a lovely wreath with some beautiful writing.

IMG_0357[1] IMG_0354[1] IMG_0359[1] IMG_0361[1]

This week in Maths No Problem we have moved onto looking at Multiples and Factors. After a confusing start, we have really grasped it! I am so impressed with the resilience in the class, the children have kept trying and trying until they had mastered the idea. Keep practising those times tables though, then it will be much easier!

In IPEELL we have been working on our recount, using ISPACE to write exciting sentence openers. See if the children can tell you what that stands for?

This week in P.E. we sharpened up our map skills and did some orienteering. Zain and Alex particularly impressed us with their fantastic skills following a map to find another groups hidden cones.

Finally, in topic, we have been learning all about being a Hoplite in Ancient Greece. We went outside to practise going to battle in formation.IMG_0362[1]

Miss Murphy


Pay As You Feel Cafe.

image image image image image image

Our 2nd ‘pay as you feel’ cafe was to raise money for Children in Need. We served pasta and mini pizzas, to a diverse and hungry clientele, followed by Sham’s Tiger cake and biscuits. It was a little chaotic but thanks go to everyone who stepped in to help out!

We raised £41.95 for Children in Need!!!



Friday 11th November



This week has been a very hectic and busy. Our classroom has changed and the best thing is that we got (drum roll) 24 MINUTES Golden time.YAY!!! We’ve only lost 1 minute! We loved the snow, it was amazing and EVERYONE loved it.

Learner of the  week is Jak! For his all round improvement.

We were sent a letter from Ananias (a greek lord)and we were completely amazed. Ananias was a Greek person who were sent on a mission to spread the message about the Greeks.

We should remember those who died to make the world a better place for us so we had a 2 minutes silence for them.  

By Zain,Alex,and Ayush


Thanks boys!

Make sure you check out the ACE arts blog! There are some amazing photographs from the performance last Tuesday.

It has been a chilly week but we have been working extremely hard. We have explored methods of addition in Maths No Problem and writing fantastic instructions in IPEELL. We have planned our experiment for next week in science, we can’t wait to get started on our electrical circuits. Hear all about it next week.


Miss Murphy


4th November 2016

A new week and new learning opportunities for everyone!

This week started with it being hectic. We performed Macbeth and we did very well. We actually stole the show with Macbeth and Lady Macbeth learning all of their lines (and everyone else too). It was an amazing experience to have performed their. Literally i really wanted that day to be everyday. We did a tech rehearsal, a dress rehearsal and the proper live performance.

Stars of the week  are….everyone! Everyone was star of the week because of our great perseverance and for our absolutely great performances. The other schools did romeo & juliet and Midsummer nights dream. They were all great, we were the youngest there!!

It was the best day ever!



Another fantastic blog, thanks to Alex and Zain this week!

I am immensely proud of everyone for their performance on Tuesday, it was a fantastic celebration of our learning!

Now back to the hard work in class and we are starting on our new topic, Greeks! I am sure we will have just as much fun.

See you next week!IMG_0201

5LM Weekly Blog!


The day everyone loves because you don’t go to school for one week.

We have done a big persuasive write to persuade Mr.Kay’s class to come and watch us at the Carriageworks.We have been practicing continually for Macbeth. I think that we have made brilliant progress and we will do well on the night. Obviously, I am nervous as I am scared that I will stumble with my lines and spoil the whole play!

Now Cian has to definitely learn his lines as he stars as Macbeth!!!

Well done to Simrath for leaner of  the week ;] for her maths this week .

Music this week was brilliant with our samba music we practiced even more today. I still have earache!

Written by thy bloggers, Cian and Alex.  😀


Thanks again boys!

We are so excited for our performance on 1st November. We will tell you all about it in our next blog.

Miss Murphy 🙂

Friday 14th October 2016

This week has been jam-packed with learning including maths no problem!, IPEELL, science and music.

Learner of the week is… Ayush!

For his excellent debating against dogs being banned from parks.

By The bloggers, Alex and Cian


Thank you again for the blog!

We have had a great week in 5LM. Our value has been Joy and we have been thinking about this throughout the week. We went on a nature walk to think about the things that bring us joy.

We have really cracked comparing numbers to 1 000 000 in Maths No Problem! I am extremely impressed (must be our mathematical carpet of joy!)

Everyone has been working hard in IPEELL and our debates were fantastic. I was particularly impressed with Ayush which is why I chose him as our “Learner of the Week.” Well done Ayush!

Last week before half term next week!

See you on Monday,

Miss Murphy


5LM Week 5

This week has been hectic with learning. On Monday we went to see the director (of the Macbeth performance) and we met another school. At first we were shy but then we got to know them and we enjoyed it a lot.

In IPEELL/Topic, we have been writing

Character descriptions on Macbeth throughout the play.

Star of the week is Megan for her IPEELL work!
By Alex and Cian, the bloggers


Apologies for the delay,

Last week was very exiting at the Carriageworks, we can’t wait now for our performance and have all been working extremely hard learning our lines!

Thank you again to the bloggers.

Miss Murphy

5LM Week 4

This week has been the first ‘proper’ full week in our class and 5LM have been excelling in their learning.

One thing we have been doing is practicing our Macbeth performance. If you read last week’s blog you will know that we are going to the Carriageworks in November. But Thursday’s practice, Cian was absent and he is Macbeth! But Miss Murphy came to save the day by doing a brilliant job of saying the many lines of Macbeth.

Congratulations to our learner of the week (drum roll) Briony for excellent progress in her work and spellings.

Our IPEELL work has been excellent this week, especially Magan and Amir, who have been trying their best so credit to them. IPEELL stands for:







Overall, 5LM  have had worked exceedingly hard.

Written by the bloggers, Alex and Cian.


Thank you again to Alex and Cian for another fantastic blog! We have settled back into our classroom and we have been hard at work all week. I am so impressed with lots of childrens positive attitude to learning. Our workshop with the director for the Shakespeare Schools Festival is on Monday and we are all very exited. We will tell you all about it next week!

Miss Murphy 🙂

Fun in the Art studio!

Friday 23rd September 2016

Written by Alex and Cian

This fortnight we have been in the art studio and our topic has been Macbeth.We have been doing some drama by acting it out because in November we are going to the carriageways.We have been looking at scenes from Macbeth to practice our facial expression

The main cast is: Macbeth – Cian      

Lady Macbeth – Alina

Banquo – Brandon.

Also, this afternoon we experienced google cardboard (it was like Virtual Reality for school). We visited places like Greece(not in real life). Under the sea,space it looked  exactly like real life!

We performed in front of our parents and they really enjoyed it.

One of the hardest challenges to overcome was not to smile and to keep our serious faces on which was very hard for some people as they all have beautiful smiles!
Our learner of the week is Ayush well done as he also got a smelly sticker (doesn’t mean he’s the smelliest in the class).


Thank you to Alex and Cian for writing our blog this week! All the children have worked extremely hard over the past two weeks, what a great way to start the year.

Miss Murphy 🙂